Why is Zumba is SO good for your heart?

High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease. These, unfortunately, are very common ailments in today's world. I actually used to take blood pressure medication.

Today I was reading in Prevention Magazine, and there's an article there about the best and worst types of exercise for heart health, and I wanted to share it with you! This was from the March 2010 edition, in an article written by Dr. Arthur Agatston, MD.

It says that the best type is interval training, and Zumba Fitness is an HIIT program, which stands for high intensity interval training. Did you ever notice how we'll do several high cardio songs that really challenge you, and then we'll do a slower one? The doc said that "continuously raising and lowering your heart rate improves vascular function, burns calories, and makes the body more efficient at clearing fat and sugar from the blood." (This doesn't mean you should intake more because of doing interval training!)

In this article, he also discusses training with weights for heart health, because if your body's other muscles are stronger, doing strenuous activities lets your muscles do the work and will not strain the heart muscle.

I hope this article helps you to understand what is happening in your body as you work out in a Zumba Fitness class, and I also hope that you understand that when we slow down in between high intensity songs, this is not just a rest, but for a purpose. During this time, we also tend to put more FLAVOR into our steps, and if you control your muscles and make them work, you'll get even more out of your workout!

Zumba Love all!


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